Hamburgers from a medical doctor who ditched his white robe for the apron

Our story begins with Andoni, in the middle of the economic crisis, in 2013. Andoni, a young Venezuelan entrepreneur of Basque origin, had originally arrived in Madrid to complete a resident medical officer stint at Hospital de La Paz. Shortly after that, however, he felt the need to something else entirely.

He borrowed some money, and together with his father (†) and sister, designed the first menu for the restaurant. Their goal was to create a gourmet burgers concept, with emphasis on quality and service. That’s how Goiko Grill started.

Little by little, with help from old friends, and new friends picked up on the road, we have improved in all aspects: quality, service and customer experience. “Our quality hasn’t decreased since the day we opened, and it never will”, Andoni promises. “We’re only as good as the latest burger coming off our grill”.

We love our craft; our craft is burgers

The late Aita Andoni’s culinary personality lead to Goiko Grill’s heavy influence by both Spanish and Venezuelan cuisine, and this is noticeable all over our menu; going from teques, Venezuelan style mozzarella fingers, to Aita burger, filled with Idiazábal cheese and piquillo peppers. And you can’t miss our Kevin Bacon burger!

On top of that, every Goiko Grill has its own special burger, created by the local staff, and available only at that location. Before opening a new restaurant, we run a contest where both waiters and cooks take part. We then vote for our favourite option and that becomes the special burger of the new Goiko.

Our burger steaks are made with the first grinding of premium quality natural National beef, always fresh (never frozen). Our sauces are prepared in house, with locally sourced ingredients (forget about weird preservatives). Our buns are made by our personal artisan baker friends, and we bake them to golden perfection right before serving.

A side dish of potatoes is served with every one of our burgers. They arrive in sacks in our restaurants, and get many hours of love to reach that delicious rustic style, crispy on the outside and tender inside. In every restaurant, there’s a specialist that washes, wedges, stir-fries and deep-fries our potatoes in sunflower oil. The taste is worth all the effort



Just as important as the cooking point of the steaks or the temperature of the buns, we strive to offer you the best atmosphere in our Goiko Grill locations. Our staff is not simply waiters and cooks, it’s a family (#FamiliaGoikoGrill) full of good vibes to share with our customers.

The atmosphere in every Goiko Grill is the result of its staff, and they know they are the secret ingredient. The best service leads to the best impression, with more and more people sharing their great experiences all over, especially via social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor and Google have been essential in Goiko Grill’s word of mouth reputation.

Our young staff provide a lot more than just the skills in their CVs. They have all been chosen with particular attention to individual characteristics, which makes our family very special and diverse. Our most important qualifications are perhaps our desire to do our best effort and our good vibes.

At Goiko Grill we don’t franchise locations to external parties. As family with values, ideals and dreams like ours, franchising would be too difficult without changing our methods and ways of doing things, our high standards.